Michael Lightning Fox

When Penny has the Days off

She goes clubbing

(what am I doing with my life?)

How to Make a Comeback

18 mins of the best match of awesomenauts that I’ve ever done.

Don’t mess with the fox.

(it is a tad long but if you want to skip to 16:44 to see how I saved the team.)

Did some 1080p ones.

I’m such a silly fox

So I got FaceRig and I was playing around with the Fox model. Customized it to look like Liz. I thought of just sticking my tongue out just be silly. I ended up looking like Miley Cyrus trying to take a photo..

My rig was custom built by me, and only cost near the price of yours due to buying faulty mother boards from eBay. I ended up buying a processor, ram chips, and other things I ended up not needing due to finally going to New Egg. Otherwise, would've cost less than yours.

I always go toe Newegg for my electronics and hardware.

i too would have built it myself but since it was my first time getting a Gaming Rig and I didn’t have money to spend if I made errors. I played it safe and just picked the parts out and have iBuypower build it for me.

Plus I also needed the PC for drawing since my laptop went bad and made me loose my data (most of my drawings)

Knew it. I should've got a newer one when I built this PC, but I got the Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT due to it being the lowest one required for APB Reloaded. Ever since GTA Online launched, I never even touched that game. It still works better for TF2 than my old laptop did.

I have APB Reloaded as well, I haven’t touched that since GTA Online as well. I’m waiting for GTA V to come to PC.

I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650

AMD FX 6300 Six Core Processer

8 GB of RAM

1920x1080 Monitor

Running Windows 7 Ultimate

My rig cost $706.00 Plus $125.00 for 2 day shipping

It was the best investment I’ve ever made.

That hard work shall be worth it. Look on the bright side, at least SFM will work on your PC. It seems to hate the custom one I built for some odd reason.

Possibly the graphics card. SFM is very picky when it comes to the graphics card. My laptop can run SFM but i get a really bad Camera bug because of the graphics card.

Dude, I just wanna thank you for doing this Five Nights at Freddy's SFM. It's something we all needed ever since Living Tombstone made the song. I can't wait for the final product.

Thanks! Ever since I heard the song I had to start working on a SFM video for it. I had dig on the internet to find a TF2 with the models, Join the server, Download the models. Port models to SFM, Make map, draw textures, fix map. Animate.

So far all this hard work is going to pay off.

I’m not that great at SFM but I will take my time to make sure It’s at least descent

Test Render of the animation. It’s a tad too dark so I’ll have to make sure to brighten it in the final product.

(not all props are placed at this moment, thus why office desk is missing)

Just playing around with stuff in SFM while I get ready to Animate
Bigger Render Here

Just playing around with stuff in SFM while I get ready to Animate

Bigger Render Here